Corrugated cutting machine VPS 100


With the corrugated cutting machine VPS100 you can finally produce the right packaging – at the right time and in the right quantity.

Reduce your corrugated cardboard consumption to the minimum level necessary, stop using expensive filling material and, in doing so, recover expensive storage space.

The Kraft Group corrugated cardboard cutting machine optimally prepares your product for the stresses of transport.

Tailored outer packaging and the right packaging concepts help you to prevent expensive transport damages.

Through the careful use of resources, you also automatically contribute significantly to environmental protection.

From the single machine to the complete plant.
For the perfect integration.

As a driver of innovation in machine and plant engineering, We presents highly flexible packaging systems.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop integrated solutions that are perfectly tailored to the respective field of application.

All machines and components are designed for multishift
industrial use. With a long service life, maintenance and user-friendliness as well as low operating costs, Kraft significantly contributes to the customers’ success.

Project planning & engineering

We plan and design customized solutions for your production.


Use the offer of comprehensive trainings which are carried out in the Kraft Technikum. Thus, operators, maintenance and service staff are optimally prepared.

Remote service

The service staff is available by remote service, even without contract, from Monday till Friday, from 6:00 am - 10:00 pm as well as on Saturday from 8:00 am - 12:00 noon.

On-site service

In order to provide an optimal maintenance, care and value retention for your machines and plants, Kraft offers specially tailored maintenance and inspection contracts. Also in emergencies we are at your disposal with fast and non-bureaucratic assistance.

Service App

With the new Kraft service app, you have the opportunity to access important information about your machines in a very short time. For example, the user is supported in replacing wear parts step-by-step by means of a 3D animated assembly manual. Moreover, necessary components can be ordered directly from the app. This saves valuable time and money.


Thanks to the modular design of the machine, tools can be retrofitted without any problems. The changer can also be simply extended. Thus, your machine can grow with its tasks resp. be adjusted according to modifications.

Packaging workshops

In packaging workshops Kraft offers the opportunity to test the packaging of your own products.
We commonly find your optimal packaging design to achieve a balanced relation between product
protection, material usage and cycle time.

Track width optimization

We analyze your production data on a retrospective basis and provide an optimal use of the corrugated cardboard widths.

Maint enance Agreement

To meet your individual requirements, maintenance operations are especially customized to your
demands. Annual or half-year service according to checklist. Only a regularly maintained plant can
ensure a continuously efficient and trouble-free production.

The Kraft multi-purpose tool.
Permanent change requires flexible systems.

The multi-purpose tool sets new standards in terms of capacity, processing quality and precision. In accordance with the single-point principle, grooves, cuts, perforations and scorings are carried out on a processing roller. This provides flexibility and creates accessibility. Even most difficult cuts are possible thanks to multi-line processing. Since all tools are equipped with their own positioning motor, the required conversion times are reduced to a minimum. As a result of the fully programmable perforation level, you can determine the folding behavior and stability of the packaging. The especially gentle, material-friendly grooving rail prevents corrugated cardboard from breaking throughout the entire process and creates the uniquely sharp folding point. The cutting process is carried out by means of a toothed blade on the second roller, creating a clean and fber-free cut. The resulting cutting edge is anti-skidding and does not cause cuts when the palm of the hand is running across it.

Technical data

Technical data VPS100/1500
Feeding rotor
Feeding rotor
Automatic carton changer
Automatic carton changer
max. width with one cardboard box 1.450 mm 2.450 mm 1.450 mm 2.450 mm
Total width for Side by Side 1.350 mm 2.350 mm 1.300 mm 2.300 mm
Cardboard thickness 2,0 - 7,0 mm 2,0 - 7,0 mm 2,0 - 7,0 mm 2,0 - 7,0 mm
Min. distance between two tools 14 mm 14 mm 14 mm 14 mm
Number of longitudinal tools 4-6 pcs. 6-12 pcs. 6-12 pcs. 6-12 pcs.

Number of shafts

1 1 2 - 6 2 - 6
Max. number of widths 2 2 12 12
max. stacking height incl. pallet 2.300 mm 2.300 mm 2.300 mm 2.300 mm

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