The demands, tasks and requirements of our customers are constantly evolving and have undergone massive growth. The complex requirements demand innovative and customized solutions. The answer: A wide range of products and programs at all levels of the company.

This also applies to the area of "doors and frames". This is also why we offer our customers innovative and exceptionally high-quality solutions for their production processes. A diversified and trend-setting program from the standard machine to the complete production line.

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Production of door blanks

Kraft offers highly productive machines and systems for the production of door blanks.
The vertical range in the production of the machines and systems extends from the bolt, through the continuous gluing of the center layers, to the finished formatted door blank.

Door processing

The Kraft machines and systems can handle the complete processing of doors, depending on the equipment. It is implemented from batch size 1 to industrial series production.
The in-house Beckhoff or Siemens control system stands out due to its particularly high performance and individual configuration based on customer requirements. The control system is easy to operate, making daily work easier for you and your employees. Tailor-made concepts allow a significant increase in productivity and quality for the future.

Range of services

We cover all applications through modular, individual machine and plant engineering ...

  • Doors: Flush, single rebate and double rebate, etc.
  • Production of door blanks
  • Machining (hinge, forend, lock case, lever handle, keyhole, peephole, door closer)
  • Assembly of fittings (turn-in hinges, lock cases, test plates)
  • Insertion and screwing of door sweeps
  • Visual inspection of the doors
  • Packaging

Application example

Fitting insertion line for doors

In the system displayed, door leaves are machined, fitted with locks and hinges, cleaned and inspected. The door leaves are then packed fully automatically in cardboard and transferred in stacks to the interface for shipping.

The entire door detection and related processing is controlled by barcodes.



Floor roller conveyor
Feeding station
Feeding gantry


CNC processing machine type TCF for processing hinge side and lock side
Rotating device
Lock plates cleaning
Lock case assembly unit

Stacking/Order picking

Rotation device
Alignment station
Floor roller conveyor
Gantry system

Packaging area

Cardboard unwinding and cutting device
Cardboard preparation table
Wrapping device for doors
Foot sealing station
Folding station head side
Gluing station head side

Control and assembly area

Roller conveyor
Manual assembly station
Centering station
Control station for visual inspection

Transfer area

Angular transfer
Transfer unit


Frame processing

Not all frames are the same.

The Kraft Group offers a closed system range in order to respond to the constantly evolving customer requirements with exactly the right type of machine.

A wide variety of frame cross-sections are machined in customer-specific designs. Our performance hallmarks include speed, accuracy, quality and flexibility.

Production starts at batch size 1 and extends to industrial series production. Tailor-made concepts allow a significant increase in productivity and quality for the future.

Maximum machining options for a large number of different frame parts

  • Door frames: U-/L-shaped enclosing frames
  • Folding of frame components
  • Joining individual frame parts
  • Cutting to length, machining and cleaning of the frame parts
  • Fitting processing (strike plate and hinge pockets, etc.)
  • Automatic installation of hinge pockets for strike plates
  • Automatic insertion and flush cutting of seals
  • Disassembly and packing of frame parts

Application example

Processing line for door frames

The following system is used for joining and machining individual frame parts.
The lining part is glued to the rebate facing and joined with the decorative facing. The ends and fittings are subsequently machined. The finished parts are cleaned and removed from the system.



Feeding station


Gluing machine

End machining

Automatic cutting machine type ZAS 18
automatic end trimming machine type ZBA 16

Fitting machining

Fitting insertion machine type ZFB 14

Cleaning and removal

Cleaning station
Angular transfer

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