Double End Tenoner


The Kraft Group Double End Tenoners for:

  • More capacity

  • Higher flexibility

With individual transport systems, e.g.

  • Belt transport system with feed speeds up to 350 m/min.

  • Transport chains with feed speeds up to 180 m/min.

Double End Tenoner “Made in Germany”

Quality, reliability and leading technology

  • Modular design

  • Modular system, same components for all types and sizes

  • Individual equipment with working units depending on tasks

  • The number of units defines the machine length and number of columns

  • According to the market trend and the customers’ requirements....

  • Double End Tenoner as 2-chain track machine with special narrow chains 

  • Now you can process narrow as well as large workpieces on one Double End Tenoner

  • Complex working width adjustments by manual and individual unit adjustments, like in conventional planers and 1-chain track machines, are now things of the past

  • Economic production of small and large batch sizes with changing strip widths

  • All processing units can be quickly adjusted via the motorized width adjustment over the complete machine side. 

  • Continuously high dimensional accuracy of workpieces

  • Minimum setting times for product changes

Our new Double End Tenoner series Compact “Made in Germany”

Our series “Compact” efficiently covers all fields of application for edge processing.
The machine is “Compact”, with a modular design and offers flexible solutions for precise length- and crosswise processing of different materials.
A clear machine ..... “Compact” and optimal for every task.
The series “Compact” can be customized according to individual requirements.  The number of units defines the machine length.

It is available with our different transport systems, e.g.:

  • Belt transport system also available with workpiece guidance via stop fence

  • Transport chains also with narrow chain system

Technical data

The technical specifications of the double end tenoner are available in the download section.