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We believe that "everything from a single source" is more than just an empty phrase - it is something we put into practice for our customers every day. As a provider of complete solutions, we are committed to continuously offering and unlocking new and additional productivity advantages for our customers.

Our commitment

Our drive

Our promise


Customized and sophisticated technology with impressive precision and productivity


We meet the changing needs and requests of our customers with innovative and integrated solutions.


We operate with honesty, flexibility, competence, the highest quality and short decision-making processes.

Innovative, individual, intelligent. This is what sets our machine solutions apart.

Our answer to our customers' requirements and demands: Integrated solutions for sophisticated customized machine engineering. Machines as innovative as they are individual. Intelligently automated and easy to use. For all sectors and markets. From Germany to the world. Reliable and powerful.





Project planning














Are your machines and systems not delivering their best performance? Are you not yet using intuitive software? Are you looking for a complete solution to manufacture or process your products? Then we are the right partner for you: We offer you a comprehensive and all-inclusive package - true to our "everything from a single source" approach. And by that we mean an innovative customized solution for your company. Which we plan, develop and produce. This also includes providing you with our professional service - throughout the machine's entire life cycle.


Our industry experts from the sales department will provide you with expert advice and support for your individual application. Together, we will find customized machine and system solutions for your specific application. You have a complex task and are looking for an efficient machine solution? Then contact us. We will be happy to advise you.


From A to Z: We strive to work closely together to achieve the best results. This starts with the implementation of your ideas in order to work out optimum processes. The foundations for our subsequent success of the project are laid during the project planning phase. Our industry and application experts prepare layouts, cycle time diagrams, simulations and detailed project plans. The project team then supports you through the design, assembly and commissioning phases right up to the installation in your company. And of course, we coordinate the ramp-up at your site - and support you throughout the entire system life cycle. This is what sets our customized project planning apart.


From the idea sketch to the detailed production drawing, everything comes from a single source. What sets us apart? Our innovative drive, but also the continuous further development of our products. We ensure both of these through continuous training and further education in order to always stay at the cutting edge of technology. Our drive? To develop high-quality products that save resources.


Our innovative drive and the high quality of our machines and systems are based not least on the high volume of our in-house production. We manufacture a large number of the individual components from raw materials in our own production plant - and process them right through to painting. This allows us to remain flexible and ensure quality right down to the smallest component.


Our "everything from a single source" approach also applies to our assembly. Whether it' s prefabrication of individual components, pre-assembly of subassemblies or final assembly of the entire system: These outline steps ensure maximum efficiency, flexibility and on-time delivery. And by the way: The final assembly team that sets up the system at our manufacturing plant is also responsible for setting up the system at your site later on. Your advantage: You have a fixed contact person and consistent installation teams at your service.


Industry 4.0? This is our standard. When it comes to automation, we are leading the way in the industry. What drives us? It's quite simple: We know that machines and systems are becoming increasingly larger and more complex. At the same time, integrating process information into higher-level systems is growing increasingly important. And we strive to keep the operation of the machines and systems as simple as possible. That is why we have a dedicated development department for software and hardware. We make it easy using, for example, our software system KCS - Kraft Control System and through ida - intelligent data analytics.


Before we deliver our machines and systems to your company, they must first pass our test run. We generally commission them completely for this purpose. The same fitters and software technicians who also supervised the system for test operation generally perform the commissioning at your site. This keeps the expertise where it should be – with the system. This also applies to the forward-looking in-house automation technology. This is how we minimize interface problems and ensure smooth operation.


Speed, reliability and professionalism are essential to ensure efficient production processes. This also applies to the service with which we provide support for your machines and systems throughout their entire life cycle. We are your partner, working very closely with you from the very beginning and sharing our expertise in order to achieve the optimum results together.


Customer relationship

We treat our customers, suppliers and employees fairly, openly and with respect. This approach is an integral part of our KRAFT DNA - and part of our success, which is reflected, among other things, in long-standing relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. This is how we develop the best solutions together. What helps us: Our many years of expertise and understanding of our customers' concerns and products.

What you can expect from us



As an independent, medium-sized company, you benefit from high quality and short decision-making routes, etc. We have been a successful market player for over 200 years and have developed into an international manufacturer of special-purpose machinery. To ensure that this continues, we encourage our employees to take the initiative, demonstrate creativity and take responsibility for their own actions: Among other things, we focus on employing people with the right qualifications and providing them with the best possible training and continuing education.



We are mindful of our environmental and social responsibilities. That is why we protect the environment and work to save energy and resources. This not only applies to our daily work, but also to the development of our machines and systems. For example, our new assembly halls are completely energy self-sufficient. We only use the power of nature as an energy source here.



We speak the language of our customers and thanks to our many years of expertise, we have a deep understanding of the needs of a wide range of industries. Our expertise in this area is not only used to develop innovative machines and systems, but also to service and support our customers along the entire life cycle of our products.