Specialist areas


From planning to implementation, even in the case of special requirements, Kraft Group offers optimal solutions that are specifically matched to the customer's needs. From handling through to machining, assembly and packaging, we offer individual and economical solutions for the tasks you are confronted with.

Customised concepts produce a noticeable increase in productivity and quality for the future.

Special solutions

Tailored solutions combined with powerful software applications in a large number of variant options:

  • Slush systems

  • Handling of tyre blanks

  • Assembly operations and the packaging of radiators

  • Frame production for attic stairs

  • Panel production line

  • Battery cover assembly

  • Handling units for bath tubs and shower bases

  • 5-axis machining centre

  • Drilling line for processing skylights

  • Automatic installation of roller shutter casing

  • Automatic installation of covering stoppers for formwork

  • Presses for deep-drawn parts

  • Presses for acoustic panels

  • Sawing line for insulating hoses

  • Masking machine (paint line)

  • Screwing and drilling machine for front fittings

Example application

Powder filling

The following powder filling is used for feeding slush systems. A handling robot is used to fill the mould boxes with various materials.