Folding table


The Becker folding table with manual, pneumatic or motorised width adjustment serves to support the process of erecting cardboard boxes for packaging products. The fast and ergonomic erecting of blanks of up to 10 metres can be achieved with the folding table.

The folding table has applications primarily in the packaging of long goods, such as for the interior and exterior sun protection industry, the electronics industry as well as for the textile and even printing industries.

As a part of the ConSta series line, the folding table can be integrated into complete packaging lines without any problem. With its versatility thanks to the various lengths as well as models available, we are always able to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

Your benefits

  • Fast and ergonomic erecting process with consistent quality

  • Stable steel construction as machine base frame

  • Individually configurable

  • The motor-driven infinitely adjustable outward transport enables new packages to be prepared at the same time

  • Possibility of including the subsequent hot-glue process or strapping


  • Manual alignment of the blank by means of limit stop or laser

  • The width of the folding chamber can be adjusted manually, pneumatically or motor-driven

  • Suction and holding of the blank

  • The top side of the box is manually sealed

  • The box is automatically transported away

Technical data

FT / FT-p / FT-m

Blank length:

400 – 7.000 mm

Product width:

80 – 320 mm

Width adjustment:


Product transport:


Suction bar:

innerhalb des Faltschachtes

Generation of suction:

Über Venturidüsen oder Vakuumpumpe

Suction control:

manuell stufenlos

Working height:

950 mm

Air connection:

6 bar

Please contact us for other options and customisations or if you have any further questions.

Figures and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes during the course of ongoing further development.