Box sealing machine


The Becker box sealing machine is the optimal solution for fully automatic sealing of boxes with side closure. The KVM box sealing machine is characterised by its robust and low wear-and-tear engineering, modern control technology and the simple and intuitive Becker operating concept.

With fully automatic adjustment of the machine to the different box sizes, the box sealing machine has applications for packaging batch size 1 as well as small-scale series. Our customers use the Becker KVM both as a stand-alone machine as well as part of a complete packaging line. Thanks to built-in Siemens control technology, as well as variably designed interfaces, it is also possible to integrate it into existing packaging lines retrospectively.

Your benefits

  • Batch size 1 through fully automatic adjustment

  • High cycle output up to 8 packages/min.

  • Top box format guide for dependable sealing of thin-walled cardboard packaging

  • Dual glue nozzles, with automatic power-saving function for low cardboard packaging

  • Modern Siemens S7 control system

  • Intuitive and convenient touchscreen operation

  • Can also be integrated into existing packaging lines


  • The box is erected by the box erector or the operator

  • Box is filled

  • Filled boxes are then conveyed to the box sealing machine

  • The vertically positioned lid is turned down during the transport process

  • During the process, 1-2 lines of hot glue, depending on the height of the box, is applied to the long side

  • Packages are positioned on the front edge, the glue is applied and the first traverse side is sealed

  • The package is conveyed further and the rear side of the package is sealed

Technical data


Package length:

300 – 2.500 mm

Package width:

300 – 2.500 mm

Package height:

30 – 280 mm

Folding geometry:

Fefco 410 oder ähnlich mit Verschlusslaschen längs und quer


Bis zu 8 Kartons/min.

Requirements on the workpieces:

Möglichst parallele Form des Inhalts in Länge, Breite, Höhe, möglichst durchgehende Befüllung

Machine length:

ca. 3.500 mm

Machine width:

ca. 2.200 mm

Machine height:

ca. 2.200 mm


Siemens S7

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Figures and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes during the course of ongoing further development.