Fitting assembly machine for hinge pockets


  • Designed for automatic assembly of hinge pockets into door frames (U-/L-shape)

  • Base frame in solid welded and bolted construction

  • Workpiece transport via toothed belts with an adjustable fence at the outfeed side

  • Clamping and tensioning device to fix the frame

  • Hinge pockets are fed by bar magazines or spiral conveyors (depending on the hinge pocket)

  • Two hinge pockets are assembled in parallel, each by an NC-controlled linear and screwing unit (third or fourth hinge pocket possible)

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Outer width:

max. 500 mm (at U-shape)

Width of jamb:

min. 60 mm

Rebate depth:

0 – 55 mm

Rebate width:

10 – 20 mm

Casing width:

50 – 120 mm

Wall connector:

10 – 20 mm

Distance wall connector:

min. 70 mm (at U-shape)

Length (rebate dimension):

1800 – 2600 mm