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Kraft Group & PGS intensify customer proximity in Poland and the Baltic States

Polish customers often make the journey to the KRAFT Group in Germany with their ideas, problems and inquiries in order to experience a modern special machine construction company with a current production area of 43,000 m² at first hand and see the innovative strength for themselves. KRAFT specialists are just as frequently on site with Polish customers from various industries. This exchange is very valuable and an essential building block for sustainable, successful cooperation.

The route from Poland to the KRAFT Group in Germany and vice versa can be covered in a variety of ways and can easily be 1,000 km away. This is often too time-consuming when it comes to quickly clarifying technical solutions or servicing Kraft machines in person. So how can we get even closer to our Polish customers and interested parties - in terms of space, time and language - we asked ourselves and took action.

In 2023, KRAFT was represented for the first time at the international trade fair for packaging technologies - Warsaw Pack - with our partner PGS (Polska Grupa Serwisowa). Here we were able to acquire further customers and present state-of-the-art technology to a wide audience with the VPS100 carton cutting machine.

Warsawpack 2023 Warsawpack 2023

Today, in 2024, the collaboration with PGS is an integral part of the KRAFT Group's value proposition. PGS employees were trained at Kraft for several months. Installations, commissioning and also modernizations/conversions of machines in Poland have been or are being successfully implemented independently by PGS.

Today, we are able to be on site at our customers' and prospective customers' premises directly from PGS in Raszyn (on the outskirts of Warsaw) within a very short time. Trained Polish-speaking application specialists and service technicians are available.

The joint development of new product ideas and packaging designs can also be advanced in practice on site at PGS. A modern office and warehouse are available.

But above all, we can carry out trials and optimizations in a showroom near Warsaw airport on an automatic carton cutting machine with automatic changer and integrated software-based box designer, and test new packaging for practical suitability with customers and interested parties.

The VPS100 automatic carton cutting machine - whether as a stand-alone machine solution or as the centerpiece of fully automated packaging lines - enables

- optimum packaging made of continuous corrugated board to protect your high-quality products - produced in the right quantity at the right time - to avoid expensive transport damage

- Reduction of cardboard consumption to what is necessary

- Saving on expensive filling materials

- Recovery of expensive storage space that is no longer required

- Sustainable management with no use of plastic and polystyrene

By using resources sparingly, Kraft customers with Kraft technologies make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection.

You are invited. Take advantage of the new possibilities!