12th AOK company run in Wiedenbrück - Kraft Group wins as the largest group

This year's AOK company run was a complete success for the Kraft Group. For the first time, we were awarded the prize for the largest group. We owe this success above all to a project in cooperation with the Sports Medicine Institute of Paderborn University.

At the beginning of the year, we launched our running project with the aim of enabling all participants to jog 10 kilometers at a stretch within 12 weeks. Extensive sports medical examinations ensured that all participants were suitable for the project. This was followed by endurance diagnostics using a lactate test so that individual training plans could be drawn up. From mid-March, sports students offered guided training sessions that were tailored to the ability of the groups.

Thanks to this comprehensive preparation, we were able to inspire 106 Kraft Group employees to take part in the AOK company run. Both the training and the run itself were incredibly fun and strengthened the team spirit of the Kraft Group.

Our best placings:

1st place - largest group (106 finishers)

1st place - women's team classification as a trainee team

2nd place - Jonas Schuhmacher (men's overall ranking)

3rd place - men's team classification

3rd place - men's team classification as a trainee team

3rd place - largest women's group (26 finishers)

We are very proud of our participation this year and are already looking forward to next year!